What lies ahead for the construction industry?

Building & Construction Activity

Data, forecasts and analysis covering the amount of work in all segments, from residential and non-residential building, to infrastructure, utilities and resources – including detailed project lists.

Construction Costs

Forecasts of future changes in the cost of building & construction work, by detailed input type (labour, materials, equipment and services) – for use in project planning and cost escalation.

Product Demand Forecasting

Estimates and forecasts of demand for construction materials and other products – derived from rigorously compiled models and research into the requirements of major projects

Latest Report Summaries

Electricity, Gas and Water: Cost & Activity Forecasts

The outlook for cost increases in the electricity, gas and water sector is subdued, with most areas of utilities construction, other than renewable energy, staying reasonably flat.

Australian Construction Outlook – Utilities

This report highlights the main drivers of the current upturn in utilities construction – strong focus towards renewable energy investment, additional spending on the NBN and a recovery on the construction of gas pipelines

Australian Regional Construction Outlook

Our latest regional forecasts for residential building and construction have just been released.

Australian Construction Projects Database

This latest list of projects corresponds with our fully revised set of forecasts published in November 2023.

Australian Construction Materials Forecasts

Our latest forecasts assess the implications for construction materials demand of the current downturn in residential building, and the looming downturns in non-residential building and renewables investment.

Renewable Energy Construction Outlook

This report examines the strength and composition of the current upturn, and determines the likely timing of the peak, and subsequent decline.

Non-Residential Building – Office Construction Outlook

This report examines the current high office vacancy rates across the country. Our analysis describes its causes and forecasts the timing of the upturn and peak broken down by each state.

Australian Construction Outlook – Transport Infrastructure

This report provides a detailed picture of the current upturn in infrastructure construction, including the timing of major projects, key drivers, and the expected timing of the peak and next downturn.

Australian Construction Outlook – Non-Residential Building

This report examines the current downturn underway in the non-residential building sector, describes its causes and forecasts the timing of the coming recovery, by sector and state.