Product Demand Forecasts

Macromonitor provides detailed product demand forecasting services to a range of businesses involved in supplying the construction industry. We assist construction materials companies, and other suppliers to the industry, by developing user-friendly, accurate forecasting models, which are used for market size estimation, market segmentation, sales targeting, business planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Our demand forecasting services provide a detailed, thoroughly researched, breakdown of the market, by product, and by detailed geographic regions. We provide tools for converting projections of industry activity into forecasts of product demand. We analyse all drivers of demand, including the specific requirements of individual major projects.

We work with clients to incorporate in-house knowledge of usage rates in different types of work, typical specifications, major project requirements and timing.

We provide forecasting tools that include ‘base’ forecasts, which can be easily adjusted by the user (if required), allowing for different forecast scenarios, altering of various parameters etc.

Our product demand forecasting services cover demand from each significant end-use sector, including house building, medium density dwellings, high density dwellings, alterations and additions, non-residential building, road construction, road maintenance, other engineering construction and other maintenance and operational sources of demand.