Electricity, Gas & Water: Cost & Activity Forecasts


November 2024

About the report

What is the long term outlook for costs in Australia’s electricity, gas and water sectors?

How strong will wage increases be?

What cost escalation factors should be used in each sector?

What is the outlook for materials costs, fuel and plant hire costs?

What is the outlook for new construction activity in each part of the electricity, gas & water sector, in each state, and how will this affect the rate of costs escalation?

This report contains comprehensive, detailed information not available elsewhere. It is an essential resource for all businesses operating in the utilities sector in Australia. The report provides data, analysis and forecasts for the electricity, gas & water industry covering:

Construction costs:

  • Total Construction costs
  • Engineering construction costs
  • Electricity, gas & water construction costs

Labour costs:

  • Electricity, gas & water sector wages
  • Construction sector wages

Materials and other costs:

  • Weighted average materials costs for each sector
  • Commentary on outlook for specific materials
  • Fuel costs
  • Plant hire costs

Construction activity outlook:

  • Ten years of forecasts for construction activity in each of the gas, water & wastewater and electricity sectors
  • Detailed breakdowns of activity by sub-sector and type of work (e.g. dams, treatment plants, distribution, transmission, renewals etc.)
  • Detailed lists of projects, with year-by-year assumed timing of each project
  • Data for all variables are broken down by each state and territory
  • Detailed historical data and ten years of forecasts