About Us

Macromonitor is a leading provider of economic forecasting and research services to the construction industry.

Our mission is to constantly improve the depth of high-quality research, analysis and forecasts available to decision makers in building, construction and related industries.

Our information is tailored specifically to the planning and management needs of these industries, and falls into three broad categories:

  • Building and Construction Activity – forecasts of building and construction activity
  • Construction Costs – analysis and forecasts of construction costs, including cost escalation assumptions
  • Product Demand Forecasting – data and forecasts of demand for the various inputs to building and construction (including materials, services and equipment)

Our quality reports and services are based around the following types of information:

  • Unique market data
  • A thorough understanding and explanation of market drivers
  • Thoroughly researched forecasts
  • Industry data collection
  • Industry players and market shares
  • Explanation of strategic implications and issues

We are experienced analysts, who are dedicated exclusively to observing, analysing and forecasting building and construction markets.

We offer both subscription reports and tailored / commissioned reports.

Subscription Reports

These reports cover the state of play and outlook in specific industries and focus on specific aspects of business activity in each industry (such as costs and prices or total activity volumes). These reports are available to any organisation that wishes to purchase them. They are driven by the needs of industries and are undertaken on behalf of all businesses in that particular industry.

Commissioned Work

We also undertake research and forecasting work for individual clients in the construction and related industries, to assist with business planning, strategy formulation and decision making.  Our aim is to work closely with our client organisations, as a reliable resource that can be called upon for tasks small and large. We help our clients in a range of ways, such as:

  • Producing customised demand and sales forecasts
  • Providing content for business reports and communications
  • Filling in the gaps in available market information for particular industries & markets

Our Directors

Nigel Hatcher

Nigel Hatcher


Nigel has 28 years’ experience as a consultant economist, industry researcher, primarily in the areas of economics, infrastructure, construction, maintenance and mining.

Angela Keast

Angela Keast


Angela has 24 years’ experience as a researcher and analyst, across all the building and construction sectors, and has expertise in developing demand forecasting models.