New Zealand Construction Cost Trends

Latest Edition


November 2023

About the report

How strongly are building and construction costs increasing in New Zealand?

What is the outlook for cost inflation during the life of current and prospective projects?

What rate of cost escalation should be included in my organisation’s planning and reporting?

This report provides the most comprehensive picture of overall cost trends in the building and construction industry in New Zealand. Our analysis explains the reasons behind movements in costs and the implications for costs looking forward.

This information is critical for:

  • Construction companies tending for large projects
  • Organisations funding building and construction works programs
  • Builders and contractors planning major projects
  • Utilities formulating pricing submissions
  • Developers planning cash flow

Report Coverage

This report provides extensive data, analysis and forecasts of construction costs, broken down into detailed cost items. The report contains ten years of forecasts.

The report covers:

  • Various types of materials
  • Labour costs
  • New equipment and equipment hire
  • Cables and electrical equipment
  • Fuel and freight costs
  • Various construction services

Macromonitor Costs Database

Subscribers to the report also receive Macromonitor’s New Zealand Construction Costs Database. This Excel file contains all of our cost data series, in quarterly, annual (as at March, June, and December) and year average terms.