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November 17 2023 THE NEW DAILY: Those infrastructure cuts aren’t worth the hype and howls

August 24 2023 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Office vacancies pain won’t peak for 18-months

August 17 2023 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: ‘Get your skates on’ and release land for housing

April 3 2023 PV MAGZINE: Renewable energy construction investment tipped to reach $11.8 billion peak

March 30 2023 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Renewable energy infrastructure construction soars 

July 14 2022 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Housing construction slows as COVID delays bite

July 8 2022 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: New home build backlog may be starting to ease

May 1 2022 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Don’t expect building costs to come back down

April 13 2022 THE NEW DAILY: Construction industry ‘desperate’ for tradies

Mar 7 2022 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: Get set for Frydenberg infrastructure spinning

Sep 2 2021 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: There’s good news for builders on inflation 

Aug 20 2021 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: Bleak outlook for housing construction but infrastructure is set to soar 

Jun 25 2021 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: After the house building boom comes the bust 

Jun 16 2021 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: Here comes the renewables spend, despite Morrison 

Oct 15 2020 DOMAIN: ‘2021 will be bad’: $1.12 billion wiped off construction sector in June quarter

Sep 8 2020 THE AUSTRALIAN: Infrastructure facing Covid-19 headwinds

Aug 28 2020 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: Transport infrastructure spend $36 billion short

Aug 17 2020 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Banks should lend more say homebuilders

Aug 13 2020 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: HomeBuilder not enough to ease three-year construction slide

Aug 7 2020 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: Federal government kills social housing hopes

Jun 5 2020 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: Why HomeBuilder won’t prevent the construction dive

May 29 2020 FINFEED: Acrow takes the guesswork out of investing

Nov 29 2019 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: Josh Frydenberg’s crystal ball turns darker

Nov 27 2019 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Home building and infrastructure work contract in September quarter

Nov 27 2019 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Construction boom gets an extra year’s boost from non-residential work

Nov 15 2019 THE NEW DAILY: Frydenberg’s tax cut for foreign investors is a triumph of spin over substance

AUG 30 2019 THE AUSTRALIAN: High rises add up to high risks for buyers

AUG 30 2019 THE AUSTRALIAN: Numbers still don’t stack up for property

AUG 27 2019 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Transport boom to stay stronger for longer

AUG 16 2019 THE GUARDIAN: Scott Morrison’s betrayal of the Pacific was immoral – and completely unnecessary

AUG 6 2019 ENERGY MATTERS: Renewable Energy Target driving upturn in Australian utilities construction

AUG 5 2019 THE NEW DAILY: Michael Pascoe: How renewables are driving the economy

DEC 11 2018 IN DAILY: SA’s declining housing industry needs an affordability boost

OCT 10 2018 THE NEW DAILY: Here comes the election infrastructure splurge

JUL 11 2018 ADELAIDE NOW: South Australian construction sector to hit $13bn in 2018/19 but Master Builders warns of downturn

MAR 12 2018 QUARRY MAGAZINE: Strong demand drives record production year

FEB 5 2018 SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: The infrastructure boom cometh

FEB 21 2018 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Transport infrastructure boom pushing spend up 80pc in five years: Macromonitor

SEP 22 2017 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Australia’s next boom has barely started

APR 20 2017 SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: Federal budget 2017: The next boom is under way – before another bust

MAY 23 2017 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Slump coming for housing construction in Sydney, Melbourne