Road and bridge works is set to be one of the strongest performing areas of Australia’s construction sector, with an unprecedented amount of construction and maintenance work in the pipeline, resulting from:

  • The next wave of large road developments mainly in capital cities,
  • Government stimulus spending and fast-tracking of approvals on road and bridge projects, in an aim to counter the recessionary downturn from the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, and
  • Several new maintenance capital grant programs, combining to inject an additional $3 billion in funding available, over the five years to 2023/24.

The pipeline of major projects, which is driving the strength of road construction over the coming five years, is shown in the chart below.

This report provides a concise explanation of the nature and magnitude of the impacts in the various construction and maintenance segments in roads and bridges. It also provides a fully revised set of forecasts, and corresponding project list, for all road and bridge segments looking ahead ten years.