Road construction and maintenance work done regained strength and momentum in 2021/22 after two years of declines. A large upturn, across all states has now begun, incorporating a very large rise in construction, along with a smaller increase in maintenance work.

The volume of road and bridge work anticipated over the next few years will be unprecedented, resulting from:

  • A collection of big capital city projects across all states,
  • A ramping-up of urban renewal, maintenance and improvement programs, including arterial road upgrades,
  • A large increase in road maintenance works, mainly due to the damage to roads caused by unusually high rainfall during 2022,
  • The reaching of capacity limits at major airports, leading to new runway projects and a new airport in Sydney, and
  • A general improvement, on a less splashy scale, of regional works (including ongoing, large-scale upgrades on the Bruce, Pacific, and Princes Highways).

This report provides a concise explanation of the outlook for the various construction and maintenance segments in roads and bridges. It provides a fully revised set of forecasts, and corresponding project list, for all road and bridge segments looking ahead ten years.