Tailored Cost Escalation Forecasts

About this service

Macromonitor regularly produces reports on the outlook for construction costs, on behalf of construction companies, utilities businesses, resources companies and other organisations undertaking major construction projects.

The cost escalation forecasts can be tailored to:

  • Specific geographic region or regions (e.g. costs of construction work in Greater Sydney, Pilbara, Central Queensland etc.)
  • Specific sector or sectors (costs of mine construction, road construction, commercial building etc.)

The tailored cost escalation reports provide detailed cost forecasts for each input into the construction process, including labour, materials, equipment and services.

We provide tailored cost forecasts for the following purposes:

  • Project cost escalation forecasting
  • Forecasts of rise-and-fall outcomes
  • Independent cost forecasting for use in submissions to regulators

Our tailored reports result from detailed forecasts for each cost component, which are combined together to reflect the overall costs of specific types of work undertaken by our clients. Each input cost category is covered in a separate section, containing historical data, forecasts and written explanations of the forecasts.

Sample Documents