Coal Mining Cost Forecasts



About the report

How strongly are coal mining construction costs increasing?

Which cost escalation rates should be used for current and prospective projects?

Macromonitor’s ‘Coal Mining Costs Forecast’ report provides the most detailed and well researched cost escalation rate forecasts available for Australia’s coal industry.

How fast will operating costs increase in future years?

Our analysis explains the reasons behind movements in costs and the implications for costs looking forward.

This information is critical for:

  • Coal construction project planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cash flow projections
  • Construction companies tending for coal projects
  • General market analysis

Report Coverage

This report provides extensive data, analysis and forecasts of coal mining costs. The report contains ten years of forecasts. The report covers:

Total construction and operating costs:

  • Escalation forecasts for each cost item
  • Total construction costs
  • Total operating costs—open cut and underground

Labour costs:

  • Mining sector wages
  • Construction sector wages
  • Engineering & professional services labour costs

Materials costs:

  • Fuel costs
  • Concrete, steel, piping
  • Construction & mechanical equipment
  • Electrical components and electricity costs
  • Spares, explosives, tyres
  • Plant hire costs

Construction activity outlook:

  • Ten years of forecasts for coal construction activity, by state
  • Lists of projects, with year-by-year assumed timing of each project