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Our flagship subscription report on the outlook for residential building. This report provides detailed commentary and analysis, along with historical data and ten years of forecasts. The set of data and forecasts we provide for every state and territory is as follows:

All data broken down by type of dwelling:
• Detached houses
• Other dwellings (including conversions)
• Total residential building
• Number of dwellings approved
• Number of dwellings commenced
• Number of dwellings completed
• Value of dwellings commenced
• Value of work done on dwellings
• The value of alterations & additions work done
• House prices by capital city (two-year forecast)
Macromonitor has a strong expertise in residential building sector research and forecasting. We publish two regular subscription reports on the residential market, and provide tailored reports addressing clients' specific needs.
• Geographic area analysis for new developments - including the profile of recent movers into area (age, household type), price distribution of purchased properties, composition of household growth in area
• Scenario analysis - effect of alternative sets of assumptions on the outlook for dwelling demand; including scenarios for population growth, household formation behaviour, living arrangements and dwelling type preferences.
Some examples of our tailored work for clients include:
This report also contains Macromonitor’s in-depth demographic modelling of the demand for dwellings.
This consise report (provided in PDF and Excel format) contains Macromonitor's estimated breakdown of dwelling building into buyer type groups. In each state, and nationally, we provide the best possible estimates of the contribution to total demand for new dwellings from:

• First-home buyers
• Change-over buyers
• Domestic investors
• Public sector
• Foreign investors
Combining partial data and market intelligence from a variety of sources, we aim to help clients understand the approximate breakdown of past and future purchases of new property into these buyer segments.