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Australian Construction Outlook - Forecasting Service
What is the outlook for Australia’s construction industry? How does the outlook for each type of construction differ?

Australian construction outlook is the pre-eminent data and forecasting service for Australia’s construction sector. It provides subscribers with detailed information as well as concise summaries.

The report series is the product of high quality, in-depth research and analyses, across all segments of construction activity. Features of the report include:
The report series is made up of the following volumes:
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Extract from Residential Building Report
Extract from Non-Residential Building Report
Extract from Transport Infrastructure Report
Extract from Utilities Report
Extract from Resources Report

Detailed modeling of supply, demand and vacancy/occupancy for specific sectors (including dwellings, offices, hotels, factories & retail)

More detailed breakdowns, in many areas, than ABS data

All sectors covered on a consistent basis, in value of work done terms, and also in value of work commenced for the building and resources sectors.
• Residential Building (houses, other dwellings & renovations)
• Non-Residential Building (by type of building)
• Transport Infrastructure (roads, bridges, rail, ports)
• Utilities (electricity, water & wastewater, gas and telecoms)
• Resources (oil & gas, coal & coal handling, bauxite, alumina & aluminium, other minerals, other heavy industry)
• Overview of Construction
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Complete Report Series - $17,600 (including GST)
Individual Volumes- $5,940 per volume (including GST)
Each state & territory covered in the data, forecasts & commentary

Detailed historical data and forecasts for the next ten years