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Macromonitor is an industry research and forecasting company specialising in the building & construction, construction materials, mining and utilities sectors. We prvoide unique business information tailored to the planning needs of industry.
These reports cover the state of play and outlook in specific industries and
focus on specific aspects of business activity in each industry (such as
costs and prices or total activity volumes). These reports are available to
any organisation that wishes to purchase them. They are driven by the
needs of industries and are undertaken on behalf of all of the businesses
in that particular industry.
We also undertake research and forecasting work for individual clients, to
assist with business planning, strategy formulation and decision making.
Our aim is to work closely with our client organisations, as a reliable
resource that can be called upon for tasks small and large. We help
our clients in a rnage of ways, such as:
• Providing regular content for business reports and communications
• Making market outlook presentations to planning meetings
• Providing spreadsheet models of sales demand
• Filling in the gaps in available market information for particular industries & markets
Macromonitor clients always deal with highly experienced, high calibre analysts. Macromonitor’staff members are:

Nigel Hatcher (send e-mail)
Nigel has over 20 years' experience as a consultant economist, industry researcher, primarily in the areas of economics, infrastructure, construction, maintenance and mining.

Angela Keast (send e-mail)
Angela has over 20 years' experience as a researcher and analyst, across all the building and construction sectors, and has expertise in developing demand forecasting models.

Mandeep Kaura (send e-mail)
Mandeep has over 5 years' experience in both public and private sector organisations as a statistician and an economist. She has expertise in analysing various sectors of the macro economy.

Nicholas Fearnley (send e-mail)
Nicholas holds a PHD in Economics and degrees in Commerce and Applied Finance.

Ariana Tammetta (send e-mail)
Ariana is an honours graduate, with majors in economics and econometrics.

We have a strong expertise in generating models which forecast demand for products and services, based on trends and projections in end-use sectors and markets.